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Visiting the Botanical Garden

This year, the Botanical Garden at the University of Freiburg celebrates its 400th anniversary. During its lengthy history, the garden has not only turned into a central location for researchers, teachers and students, but has also become a popular venue for the public. Due to the corona pandemic, the institution had to limit its offerings in its anniversary year and, in some cases, had to cancel them altogether. Nevertheless, various multimedia offerings should enable interested parties to explore the many facets of the Botanical Garden in its anniversary year.

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Green, greener, Botanical Garden: the facility has been home to numerous plant and animal species for 400 years. Picture: Thomas Kunz

From the rose bed to the biomimetics nature trail and the display greenhouses, a virtual tour by Prof. Dr. Thomas Speck shows visitors what the Botanical Garden has to offer. In a total of 19 video clips, he explains exciting tips, tricks and background information on the plant world in numerous places.

Viewers begin their journey by discovering nature and end with technical information. In the interview Prof. Dr. Thomas Speck and Patrick Siegert talk about the researchers' work, who have been inspired by mechanisms from the plant world in the development of technical applications. The biologist and botanist also talks about his hopes for the Botanical Garden's future.

They nurture and care for the plant world, a place where many can find peace. In a report Patrick Siegert accompanies the horticultural team and the scientific supervisor Dr. Friederike Gallenmüller during their daily work in the Botanical Garden. The team not only offers visitors various activities such as guided tours, a treasure hunt or plant consulting, but it also pursues tasks behind the scenes such as the exchange of seeds and the irrigation of plants threatened by drought.

Finally, another feature allows viewers to travel back in time to the garden's past. From the "Hortus Medicus" at today's Stadtgarten, the second location at the Dreisam and the third garden in the institute quarter to the current location on Schänzlestraße: the Botanical Garden has experienced many setbacks in its long history, but it also celebrates multiple successes and technical innovations.